Iranian soccer players protest Mahsa Amini’s murder, cover all Iran signs

Players showing solidarity

Players showing solidarity
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A truly incredible scene unfolded on Tuesday when Iran’s national team, before their match against Senegal, took to the pitch in black jackets and covered up any logo or emblem related to Iran to show solidarity with the current protests that are made in their country for o assassination of Mahsa Amini and the treatment of women there.

Nothing about any aspect of the protests and insurgency in Iran should be taken for granted as every person is risking real life and limb. 10,000 people have already been arrested, and seeing as how Amini died in police custody, it could mean a lot more than just a night at the pokey for any of them. These players are at risk of being cut from the squad just weeks before the World Cup and this is the lightest result they could face.

While Denmark’s unveiling of basically plain jerseys for the tournament to protest Qatar’s human rights record, among other things, is certainly admirable, it pales in comparison to what Iran’s team is doing and risking.

It will make for interesting viewing if it goes on to the actual tournament, what with Fox and any other broadcaster will do during the Cup. Because they can point out what they’re protesting in Iran, but then it’s going to look awfully awkward to just carry on in silence, you know, in the tournament host country that’s in the same boat. Or they could ignore it all, which is no less unlikelycord.

Stay tuned.

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